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Competence in all musical formats, digital and physical, does that exist?

Of course, BROKEN SILENCE has this Know How!

We are an independent, worldwide operating music distributor with 300 affiliated distribution labels. From our point of view and in the opinion of many industry representatives, we are one of the genuine and authentic independent distributors in Europe with an international network and well-functioning logistics.

We guarantee an individual approach to every release (in the formats vinyl, CD, DVD, stream and download) in cooperation with many different trading partners worldwide.

We know exactly how new releases should ideally be sold. Whether independent record shops, media houses, consumer electronics stores, chains, online and mail order specialists or festival sellers: each business partner is looked after by us according to his special characteristics.

Since 2004, our team, which is mainly trained in audiovisual business, has been a healthy mixture of experienced and young colleagues with an indie spirit. We are united by good teamwork and enthusiasm for special, well made music.

BROKEN SILENCE DIGITAL is responsible for the evaluation of music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Amazon and many other channels. We not only list, but also maintain individual profiles. Our digital team is available with personal contacts every day and provides fast processing time for new releases, additions and changes. Just In Time – consulting service, playlist pitching and active requests for features are daily business.

And a few more significant arguments for doing physical and digital business via BROKEN SILENCE:

• “Real-time” insight into analyses and statistics
• Monthly payments without invoicing
• Fair and transparent accounting
• No handling costs, no annual or monthly fees, no advertising surcharges at the end of the year, no margin retention in the case of returns
• Worldwide sales network
• Manufacturing Service
• Latest state regarding new platforms as well as technical requirements
• Very high customer satisfaction, very positive image

We administer the Neighbouring Rights for our label partners: Revenues from worldwide ancillary copyrights (for radio, TV, events and storage media & devices) flow directly to our label partners. In 45 countries we have checked (also retroactively) the complete total accounts of all collecting societies for monies due to our labels. In addition, numerous useful tools are used, e.g. a Real Time Radio Scan Tool for over 17,000 radio stations worldwide. We create all necessary metadata (per track), take care of the entire processing, check the statements and create the credit notes.

At our music publishing company BROKEN SILENCE Publishing, we take care of collecting societies, sync, networking and all aspects of music bureaucracy for the authors.

Our broadly positioned, independent all-round agency MOSAIK PROMOTION professionally promotes high-class topics in a contemporary manner and according to the most diverse individual requirements – in print, online and airplay. Each release is approached individually and placed in the best possible way on the rapidly changing market through our very good regional and genre-specific media partner contacts, in order to optimally reach the individual target group across formats. More info at
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