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Collectors Of Pop

“Collectors of Pop is like a pink piece of cake that you've always wanted to bite into. Featuring twelve songs as colourful as a Wes Anderson film, as snappy as those slogans at a Muhammad Ali press conference and with melodies soft as a kiss from Princess Di”, is how the Darmstadt indie pop duo Woog Riots vividly describe their new album “Collectors of Pop.” “The truth about Planet Earth is a bad truth,” sang jazz pioneer Sun Ra. Woog Riots, comprising Silvana Battisti and Marc Herbert, found this racism-related song to be apt in many ways and included a cover version in their newly released pop collection, with Sun Ra's avant-garde free jazz piece translated to 3-minute minimalist pop. Elsewhere on the album the self-styled collectors of pop sing about the Japanese painter Yayoi Kusama, Bob Dylan and the Italian cycling legend Francesco Moser. On “Riverboat to Amsterdam”, the album's obvious hit, they deal with Silvana's job as a riverboat cruise manager, a professional experiment which has since ended! In "Post Covid Honeymoon" Woog Riots embark on a description of their wedding trip, a highlight being a concert by Swell Maps C21 in Edinburgh. Singer Jowe Head (Swell Maps, Television Personalities) provides an unmistakeable presence as a guest on this particular recording. The second cover version of the album, an interpretation of "The Angel of Death" by Hank Williams, closes this Woog Riots' pop kaleidoscope. Woog Riots love 808 drum sounds, synths à la Kraftwerk, the rhythm guitars of Young Marble Giants and the vocals of The Moldy Peaches, with additional ingredients like Otamatone, Stylophone and singing saw added to the musical mix. The recordings for "Collectors of Pop" were made between 2020 and 2024 in their living room recording studio in Darmstadt, surrounded by their record collection, favourite books, and films to watch during session breaks. Sometimes there was even some pink cake. Dates for the final mixing of the individual songs with Lolo Blümler (Ironbar Studios) regularly became pop happenings, especially when Jörn Elling Wuttke was present at proceedings as a musical advisor! This, the seventh Woog Riots album, will again be issued on the band's own label "From Lo-Fi to Disco!". Silvana and Marc have previously released the "Beatlesque" Modesty Blaise from Bristol (UK), Knarf Rellöm's Umherschweifende Produzenten and The Spaghetti Wings from Hamburg. You can read about Woog Riots' earlier period with the legendary label What's So Funny About / Zick Zack in Christof Meueler's book about Alfred Hilsberg "The Zickzack Principle".
WOOG RIOTS - Collectors Of Pop - CD 00462 at BrokenSilence
CD 00462

From Lo-Fi To Disco!


Independent International

File underIndie-Pop
Release date2024-08-23
Disks1 CD
More formats
LP 00446 Vinyl  
Order from Originalproduct
1Yayoi Kusama
2Bob Dylan
3Riverboat to Amsterdam
4Francesco Moser
5The Truth about Planet Earth
6Watching the News
7Hey You 42
9The King of Luxembourg
10Who makes the Stars
11Post Covid Honeymoon
12The Angel of Death
From Lo-Fi To Disco!
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