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Chez Simon

FINALLY A NEW SIGN OF THE TRUFFAUTS ON MICROPAL! Three years after the album "Oscar", THE TRUFFAUTS (meanwhile reduced to a trio line-up) now meet on "Chez Simon", the 13th album by the Nuremberg Chanson Friends, to loosen up their traditional indie rock with pop, garage and a dash of glam rock. THE TRUFFAUTS, named after the director FRANOIS TRUFFAUT, were founded in 1986 in Nuremberg and just one year after the band was founded, their debut album 'Fanny' was released in 1987, which in turn was named after the partner of their namesake. Even then, distorted guitars and lively beats dominated, creating perfect pop songs with seductive harmonies and beguiling melodies. The debut was followed by over ten albums and numerous EPs, which were highly praised by the press and critics from the start.
THE TRUFFAUTS - Chez Simon - CD 02777 at BrokenSilence
CD 02777
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File underPop | Chanson | Garage
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1Avant De Partir
2Sad / Glad
3When The Tide Goes Out
5Don'T Take Over
7Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
8Death-Ridden Granger
9Centipides Don'T Bite
10Under Control
11Stay Away From Me
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