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Growing up in a three-house-village in the North of Germany, CATT was mostly surrounded by woods and classical music in her childhood. A grand piano has always been part of the family home, she played it and sang before she even learned to speak. The trombone and the trumpet arrived early at her musical scene as well, CATT learned to play them in the church choir and now transforms them into exciting sound carpets in her playful pop songs. 2014 she moved to Berlin to make music and study music production. Shortly after, she was already working as a musician and composer for artists like Judith Holofernes, Sarah Connor, Balbina and Filmorchester Babelsberg, just to name a few. 2018 she decided to release her own music independently and started with her first song “Moon“. First reactions flew in right away, Kat Frankie, Xavi and later Niels Frevert took her on tours through Germany, Switzerland and Austria as their support act. Always surprising at her live shows, even if one does not see her for the first time: CATT effortlessly switching between instruments and layering playful loops with her pure voice and brass instruments lightly dancing on it. In early 2019 she teamed up with the Berlin indie label Listenrecords to release her debut EP “Moon“ in summer. CATT toured through German radio stations and played first concerts with her band. Her first own tour (spring 2020) had to be canceled due to known corona-circumstances and is now postponed to spring 2021. Instead CATT focussed on new music, starting the process earlier this year at an artist residency at Roger Willemsen Stiftung in Hamburg where she recorded and produced new music surrounded and inspired by nature. In May 2020 the first song of a new chapter was released: “Again“ is a journey from self-doubt and fragility to hope and optimism. She again recorded all instruments herself and might creatively be associated with Peter Gabriel, Bon Iver or Feist. The song holds a calming message in a chaotic time: „Because there’s new beginnings all the time. “ The following singles “Willow Tree” and “Curve A Line” showed two more facets of the multiinstrumentalist’s creativity: A playful summer song and a perfect piano ballade edition. The three songs were played several 100k times on Spotify so far. Her debut album “Why, Why” will be out November 20th 2020 via Listenrecords. "Dense pianosounds, playful jazz twists and turns, blown away voices, groove. One thinks to listen to a young Joni Mitchell, maybe Kate Bush. But with piano and trombone. Hard to classify" - NDR Info „CATT captivates tremendo
CATT - Why, Why - CD 03954 at BrokenSilence
CD 03954
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3Willow Tree
4We Could Have Been
6The Space
8I Don't Know How To Talk To You
9Curve A Line
11You Are Here
12How Can I Become
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