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The Mess

The otherworldly sounds of psychedelic space-rock outfit Yagow take a new turn on their sophomore album The Mess. Combining the resonant riffing of The Black Angels and True Widow with the celebrant atmosphere of Dead Skeletons, The Mess presents an eclectic mix of noise rock, psychedelic rock and stoner rock influences that continues in the vein of their self-titled debut album (released by Crazysane Records in 2017). However, this time Yagow paint with a deeper, warmer sonic palette that makes their intend more effective than before. Continuing in the tradition of desert rock, The Mess tells its story through driving rhythms and earthy guitar riffs, but throughout it all, Yagow include a healthy dash of space rock swagger, keeping their eyes on the stars. Engulfing the listener with layers of voice effects and flangers, Yagow take us all on a journey through rugged earthly landscapes as well as spacey otherworldly places. Though drawing from the past of different types rock traditions, serving heaps of abrasive riffs and loud drums, it must be noted that the production on The Mess is as top notch as can be. All of this is made possible by producer Bob de Wit, who hosted Yagow at his Super Nova Studio in Eindhoven (NL), which specialises in combining the rich sounds of vintage gear with the countless possibilities of digital recording technologies. Joining the band we have Bram van Zuijlen from Radarmen From the Moon, who at the time were recording in the adjoining room at Super Nova Studio, to play synthesizer, organ and saloon piano. These additional shades of instrumentation make the picture of The Mess more vivid and clear. Ultimately, The Mess takes you on a drive across a deserted wasteland in a big old rust-bucket of a car. Sunglasses on and head bobbing to the music of the bumps in the road. Yagow set a timeless mood that is guaranteed to transport you away from the meddles of everyday life and into higher spirits.
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CD 05879
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