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White Is All Colors

Every week countless new songs are released by countless new musicians - and it feels like there are less and less classic bands. A few years ago, a lot of just those pushed into the mostly rare rehearsal rooms of the big and even smaller cities, today it seems trendy to assert one's own artistic vision radically autonomous, to do one's thing as a solo act. If there are fewer and fewer bands today, perhaps the ones that have been around for a few years, are all the more urgently needed. Onemillionsteps are exactly this kind. After first songs together in 2013, little happened for a long time before the northern Germans started working on new material years later. Last year they dared to make a new start with three carefully selected songs. And exactly now seems to be the right time for the first major release, on which the band can play out all their strengths: The trio around singer Nora Oertel will release the debut album "White Is All Colors" on the Berlin-based label Listenrecords. On the album you will find songs of quite wide sound range, sometimes rough and angry like The Kills and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, then again airy and dreamy like Big Thief or Julien Baker.
ONEMILLIONSTEPS - White Is All Colors - CD 06670 at BrokenSilence
CD 06670
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1Love Is All We Need
4Space Divinity
5When You're Gone
6White Is All Colors
7Sick And Tired
8I Am The Weather
9Do Your Deeds
10Unknown World
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