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Chorus Of Doubt

Broken Chanter's third album, "Chorus Of Doubt," signifies a significant shift in their musical landscape, marked by a propulsive bass and drums groove. Recorded in Chemikal Underground’s studio, the album is a powerful response to the global surge of misery. Led by David MacGregor, the band, including Charlotte Printer, Bart Owl, and Martin Johnston, explores themes of collectivity and togetherness with energy and empathy. The album, produced by Paul Savage, showcases a more muscular sound, blending rock, agit-Funk, and soaring choruses. The arrangements and interplay among band members, especially Printer's chunky and elastic bass and Johnston's powerhouse drumming, display breathtaking ambition. Tracks like "The Rain Doesn't Only Fall On You" exemplify the band's purposeful instrumental passages, alternating between maximalism and minimalism. Throughout the album, Broken Chanter elevates the personal to the political, emphasizing the transformative power of small acts of care and resistance. In songs like "Don’t You Think That Something Needs To Be Done?" and "You've Got To Stop Worrying All The Time," MacGregor delivers anti-fascist messages with juiced-up, serotonin-inducing anthems. His talent lies in blending direct messaging with warmth and empathy, encouraging individual actions to snowball into collective power. Tracks like "Gloom Bop" and "Actual Bonehead Contact" emphasize the importance of caring and turning small acts of defiance into a collective force. MacGregor addresses the absurdity of modern life in songs like "Knock My Pan In" and "So Much For The End Of History." He challenges the prevailing anxiety induced by technology, urging listeners to burst out of the grid and turn defiance into power. "So Much For The End Of History" encapsulates the eternal struggle against oppression, declaring resilience with a distorted guitar-soaked chorus. As a closing statement, the album asserts that sensitivity and vulnerability, as displayed throughout "Chorus Of Doubt," are essential in the ongoing battle. MacGregor's recognition that empathy and connection on both personal and global scales are key to lasting change resonates throughout the album. Broken Chanter's musical journey in this album is a passionate call to resist darkness and find a collective path to a brighter future.
BROKEN CHANTER - Chorus Of Doubt - CD 22810 at BrokenSilence
CD 22810

Chemikal Underground


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1Don’t You Think That Something Needs To Be Done?
2You’ve Got To Stop Worrying All The Time
3The Rain Doesn’t Only Fall On You
4Costner Interjection
5Something More Useful Than Flowers
6Knock My Pan In
7Who’s Asking?
8Gloom Bop
9Your Latest Moment Of Alarming Clarity
10Actual Bonehead Contact
11So Much For The End Of History (I’m Still Here)
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