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Somethingsyou just can’tgetridof. They follow youaround like a shadow, like itor not. Case in point: music. Hans Frese spenthisprolongedadolescence in variousemo and hardcore bands such as HILLSIDE or THE NOW-DENIAL. Then, after entering so-calledadulthood, all thisstopped. No band anymore. Insteadofthat, a seriousjob and all thatgoesalongwith it. We all knowwhatit’s like. But doessayinggood-bye toyourpassions, tomusic, reallycomethiseasily? Apparently not. After 10 yearswithout a band, ideasfornewsongssuddenlystartedtoflow out ofnowhere. Riffs thathadbeenfloatingaroundsince Hans’ teenageyearscametogether and mergedintosongssomewherebetween HÜSKER DÜ, NOTHING and TORCHE. Open guitars, bigmelodies, but also a certainheaviness - all thiscobbledtogether on a laptop in a bedroom after work. So now, therewerethesesongs. Howtogetthem out intotheworld? Isit possible to find newbandmatesbeyondyour 30s? Philipp Heidemann (anotherformer THE NOW-DENIAL member, also served time in NIGHT SLUG and EA80) was theobviouschoiceas bass player, since he plantedtheideaofstarting a band like ENTROPY in Hans’ headwhen he gavehim an old SWERVEDRIVER tape back in theday. Philipp brought in Jens Sawatzki (who also handlesguitar and vocalduties in DER DRAHT), and finally, Benjamin Koevenercamealong, a brilliantdrummerwho also explorestheworldof electronic musicwithhisproject EXCHAMPION. Different peoplewithvery different backgrounds and tastes - but against all odds, itstartedworking. The restishistory. ENTROPY startedplayingshowswith bands like MARMOZETS and NOTHING, decidedtorecord at Mannheim’s RAMA Studios with Jens Siefert (THE TIDAL SLEEP, AHAB) and piledguitar and vocaltracks on top ofeachotheruntiltheirdebutalbum“Liminal” was done. Itincludessongsaboutinnerconflict, living in a physicalbody, illness and hopethatdrawtheirinspirationsfrom a widearrayofsources, ranging fromwriters like Philip K. Dick and Karl Ove Knausgardto personal experienceswithanxiety and depression. Eventually, ENTROPY gotsignedby Berlin-based CRAZYSANE RECORDS. In the end, itseemsprettyobvious: You just can’tgetridofmusicthateasily. And it’sexactlytheurgency and drivethatpropelspeopletowardstheirpassionsthatis evident in ENTROPY’S music.
ENTROPY - Liminal - LP 22953 at BrokenSilence
LP 22953
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CD 05803
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1Terminal (adj) (A-Seite)
2The Enemy Doesn't Sleep
3Northern Line
4Age of Anxiety
5February 20, 1974
6Stuttering Days (B-Seite)
7General System Theory
9Balancing the Edges
10A Dying Animal
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