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Live At Philharmonie Luxembourg Vinyl  

Myles Sanko is back and this time with his first ever live album! Recorded and filmed live to a sold-out auditorium at the magnificent Philharmonie Luxembourg, accompanied by his trusted soul / jazz sextet (pianist Tom O’Grady, bassist Jon Mapp, drummer Rick Hudson, guitarist Phil Stevenson, saxophonist / flutist Gareth Lumbers, trumpeter Sam Ewens) and the 70-piece Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra led by Grammy Award winning conductor Gast Waltzing. “To be able to release my first live album of such magnitude is a dream come true” says Myles Sanko. “Capturing what I do live has always been a goal of mine for some time now and I am over the moon that it has finally come to life. To do it this way exceeds my imagination and I am truly honoured to have created this with all these exceptional musicians” “Live at Philharmonie Luxembourg” features ten songs with orchestral arrangements by Gast Waltzing and Peter Hinderthür. It includes all the favourites such as “Come On Home” or “High On You” and classics like “Just Being Me” and “Forever Dreaming”. It will be available on vinyl LP, CD and digital formats. After the release of his third full studio album “Memories Of Love” in 2021, “Live at Philharmonie Luxembourg” preserves the magic of Sanko’s concerts for home listening. This new offering will instantly remind fans of the unique combination of raw talent and sophistication with which he captures his audience so effortlessly.
MYLES SANKO - Live At Philharmonie Luxembourg - LP 23448 at BrokenSilence
LP 23448
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CD 23447
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1My Inspiration (A-Seite)
2Just Being Me
3Forget Me Not
4Come On Home
5This Ain't Living (B-Seite)
7Light In My Hand
8High On You
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