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Cimetiere Creole

The new signature Heavenly Sweetness ! The new album of Bonbon Vodou (Oriane Lacaille & Jeremie Boucris) produced by Piers Facini & Jean Lamont (Noir Désir, Bashung, Salif Keita. . . ) Recorded between France and the volcanic island, beaten by the air of the Indian Ocean, the album, in the words as in the notes, transforms the French song into Creole succulence. He promise of the delights of sugar and the fear of the occult spice. The contrast is pronounced, like Bonbon Vodou . . . Bonbon Vodou is Oriane Lacaille and JereM, two perfumes that complement each other to make one. She comes from a family of musicians from Reunion, he is the son of. . . Lacanian psychiatrists. From France to Canada, via Reunion Island, the duo has given more than 150 concerts in three years. Le Bonbon Vodou is a candy which, from the first contact with the auditory papillae, makes you feel the pulsations of its rhythmic purity and yet penetrating. Tin box and hi-hat in plastic bag, on its drum kit in unique copy, Oriane worked it; with its guitar in the body of oil can, JereM finely covered it with melodies. Stories with two voices, which combine, sparkle and explode. Poems, sarcasm, emotions. A joyful nostalgia, a festive sadness, like the marine cemetery of the bay of Saint-Paul, Reunion Island. The squares of earth covered with multicolored flowers have replaced the stone steles. Supposedly dark, the place is teeming with life ready to be reborn again and again. A way of celebrating the end as a beginning, of laughing in sadness. Sketched to its center, it is there that the Bonbon Vodou leads. In this field of eternal rest, the starting point of this second album On the spot, it is surrounded by musical figures of the island that the duet offered itself of the gustatory subtleties of the sega and the mayola. The accordion notes of René Lacaille, Oriane's father, the voice of Danyèl Waro. But also percussions - the kayamb of course! - and, in the local tradition, the breath of brass bands. With Piers Faccini producing several tracks, Jean Lamoot (Noir Désir, Bashung, Salif Keita. . . ) did the decisive work of recording and mixing that gives Bonbon Vodou its definitive flavor, its melting and its crunchiness, its sweetness and its acidity. Recorded between France and the volcanic island, beaten by the air of the Indian Ocean, the album, in words as in notes, transforms the French song into Creole succulence. In this Cimetière Créole, Bonbon Vodou invokes occult deities, dances with them, travels, celebrates life and the present moment, gorged with the sugar that sweetens the most bitter moments. Because, even with one foot in the grave, you can dance with the other.
BONBON VODOU - Cimetiere Creole - CD 23592 at BrokenSilence
CD 23592
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Heavenly Sweetness



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LP 23593 Vinyl  
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1Bonbon VodouDe Colere
2Bonbon VodouSuiv Amoin Mon Dalon
3Bonbon VodouCimetiere Creole
4Bonbon Vodou, Danyel Waro, Piers FacciniFonker
5Bonbon VodouKarma
6Bonbon Vodou, Rene LacailleRituel
7Bonbon VodouLes Ecailles De Chastete
8Bonbon VodouLa Flemme
9Bonbon Vodou, Sages Comme Des SauvagesPetit Palace
10Bonbon Vodou, Piers FacciniSi Rogre
11Bonbon VodouLe Pied Dans La Tombe
12Bonbon VodouLeger
13Bonbon VodouSi La Pluie Te Mouille (Anne Sylvestre Cover)
Heavenly Sweetness
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