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Since Always And Forever

It’s no coincidence that one of freekind.’s most successful songs to date is called “Visualize”. When listening to the irresistible, r’n’b-jazz-pop-soul-single, you’ll find yourself wanting to see how Sara Ester Gredelj (vocals, piano) und Nina Korošak-Ser?i? (drums) bring their music to life. Luckily they’ve got plenty of gigs incoming for you to do just that. Live is also where it all started. When freekind. started performing at showcase festivals such as Waves Vienna, a wave of radio tastemakers fell in love with their music. Influential GSA radio stations RBB Radioeins and FluxFM playlisted “Visualize”, while their charmingly titled “not good enough”-EP pleased their early fans. freekind. (please NEVER forget the dot) are currently working on the release of their debut album – an album guaranteed to deliver its promise of happiness to fans of H.E.R., Jorja Smith, Arlo Parks or freekind. Sara was born in Croatia and Nina has Slovenian roots, but they met in Vienna, Austria, at one of Europe’s best art and music universities, the “Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Graz”, “Kunstuniversität Graz” (KUG). Not an entirely surprising fact as KUG has always attracted talented young musicians from the Balkan region. Sara and Nina met, shared their love for jazz, soul, r’n’b and pop and decided to start a band. Their first live performance was with a live band but after some time they went back to how it all started - just the two of them. The ongoing joke is that their live performances are like collective group therapy with the songs sharing something that’s inside all of us, both artists and audience. Just „Visualize“ this and you’ll know how it feels to be freekind.
FREEKIND. - Since Always And Forever - CD 26606 at BrokenSilence
CD 26606
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1It's A Beginning
2Found Love
4Same Love
6The Cycle
7Carry You
8Good Vibrations
10Bright Light
11Kind To Yourself
12Since Always And Forever
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