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A Guide To Afrokraut III Limited Edition Vinyl  

"Afrokraut" is a stylistic expression of Krautrock, primarily associated with Can, and their creative use of time and space in music. "A Guide To Afrokraut III" is David Nesselhauf´s third and last contribution to the dusty shrine of this long forgotten style. Next to "Afrokraut" (2016) and "Afrokraut II: The Lowbrow Manifesto" (2018), this album completes a humble sonic Trypticon in honour of David Nesselhauf's musical heroes. Experimentation was key in the immersive process of producing this album, which encompasses elements of Funk, Afrobeat and Krautrock as well as otherworldly Drones, early Elektronische Musik and even field recordings. Inspired by the unfinished manuscript ‘History Deletes Itself’ by the late science fiction author Joseph Sabiers, Nesselhauf decided to produce a b-movie soundtrack to the original plot, ignoring the fact that there will likely never be a movie to this music. In the original script, a virus has infected history, the resulting changes of historical facts leading to an unpredictable present and future for mankind. Every attempt to solve the problem – including time travelling – only worsens the situation. But three planets at the end of the known universe seem to be unaffected by the phenomenon, they become a sanctuary known as ‘Afrokraut III’. Three brothers arrive there to start new lives. They are introduced to The Guide, their mysterious advisor... The striking parallels to today's uncertainties, a strong feeling of hope and the idea to never stop exploring (come what may) certainly have encouraged the making of this album, which sees a belated release due to the obstacles everyone faces right now. David Nesselhauf lives in Hamburg/Germany and appears as a bass player/songwriter in bands like Hamburg Spinners, The Drawbars, Diazpora, and Angels Of Libra.
DAVID NESSELHAUF - A Guide To Afrokraut III (Limited Edition) - LP 26608 at BrokenSilence
LP 26608

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File underAfrobeat | Krautrock | Funk
Disks1 LP
Order from Originalproduct
1The Calling (A-Seite)
2Fade To Grey
3Constellation Forming
4Now I Know
5Kosmisch Blue
6Three Brothers
7Are You Living Here? (B-Seite)
8Down The Abyss
9Event Horizon (No Going Back)
10The Void Phenomenon
11Raumschiff Love
12On My Way
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