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Unfulfilled Desires

The Austrian singer-songwriter Greyshadow presents his debut album "Unfulfilled Desires". With funky guitar riffs, extended synth grooves and driving drums, Greyshadow creates a unique soundscape of dreamy indie sounds and catchy pop melodies. Above this floats his characteristic and distinctive voice, which makes the melancholy lyrics sound almost comforting in a future-oriented way. The Viennese musician Greyshadow, whose real name is Gregor Wessely, discovered his love of music in 2008 when he received a Beatles record as a gift. Ten years later, around 2018, the artist played in a band with which he also performed in his school days. In 2020, Greyshadow then made a direct solo breakthrough with his first single "A Higher Place", with articles in the international press as well as nationwide airplay success. Meanwhile, Wessely is in the repertoire of international radio stations such as BBC Radio, rbb Berlin, FM4 or FLUX FM. In addition to television presentations (ProSieben, Kabel 1, SAT 1, ORF 2), live performances with band followed, among others at the showcase festival "Waves Vienna". Greyshadow's long-awaited debut album makes it clear why the artist is one of the most up-and-coming and interesting acts on the indie scene. With driving road trip songs, optimistic indie rock anthems and sensitive ballads, Greyshadow creates a multi-faceted soundscape, which he merges into a flowing unity through sophisticated songwriting and a touch of perfection. "Unfulfilled Desires" is a reflection of his feelings, causing a sense of connection to flow through his listeners. With his album, Wessely seeks connection and at the same time creates space for his big dreams, fantasies, longing and confidence while processing emotions such as loneliness, fear or lostness. This sound is skilfully underlined by the guitar elements, the harmonic synth layers and drum rhythms in dialogue with his expressive voice and makes "Unfulfilled Desires" a dreamy, pleasant listening experience with a touch of melancholy.
GREYSHADOW - Unfulfilled Desires - CD 27054 at BrokenSilence
CD 27054
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1Chance To Be Reborn
3Came Here Like The Rest
4Is There Anyone Here?
5In Your Eyes
6Falling To You
8Nothing's The Same
9Sweet Promises
10Found Out
12A Fallen Star
13Why We Always Lost Track
14The Answer
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