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A Ghastly State Of Affairs

The history of French TV is complex, filled with many lineup changes, missed opportunities, delays, and disillusion. And yet. . . and still, a growing body of work testifies to one man's sagacity and stubbornness. In the middle of French TV's chamber of 32 revolving doors line-up stands bassist / composer Mike Sary. Blending elements of progressive rock, fusion, cartoon music, and Rock-in-Opposition, the music of his group can be simultaneously hilarious and highly challenging, making it one of the most original American prog rock outfits and also one of the longest lived. The group began its life back in 1983 when the group recorded their first album. From that point on, French TV would live on by Sary plus what musicians he would recruit, and who would add to the name of the band a number for each album released ("French TV 3, " "French TV 4, " etc. ), a way to underline its constant state of flux. Now, 40 years later, they are still here and better than ever! Mike Sary stubbornly refuses to give up and continues to drag the band into the next millennium. Recommmended if you like: Happy The Man, National Health, Bruford, Brand X, Planeta Imaginario. Mike Sary - Bass, Loops, Samples Katsumi Yoneda - Guitars Patrick Strawser - Keyboards Fenner Castner - Drums With Kenji Imai - Flute Warren Dale - Saxes Ludo Fabre - Violin
FRENCH TV - A Ghastly State Of Affairs - CD 27223 at BrokenSilence
CD 27223



Modern Jazz

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1Every Morning I Wake Up and Take My Hat Off To All The Beauty In The World
2Baby, You Fill Me With Inertia
3Drunkard's Train To Westchester
4The Mayor Of Ding Dong City
5My Boys Awake At Night 'Cuz They Nocturnal
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