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Memories & Tapes Record Store Day 2024 Vinyl  

French 79 celebrates his first ten years anniversary, pleasing fans around the world with „Memories & Tapes“, a limited vinyl edition including rare tracks from his 4-star discography. For the first time ever these songs appear on a physical release, browsing tracks from his debut EP „Angel“ from 2014 to his last album „Teenagers“ from 2023, but also the upcoming remix by legendary German house duo Booka Shade. The first side is dedicated to his fans loving his techno side with Foix (first performed for Cercle), the exclusive Booka Shade Remix, the momentum track from his last world tour Freedom and the playful italo disco version of „Memories“ by Brazilian mastermind Gui Boratto. The second side is showcasing his pop side, with the ecstatic chill anthem „Angel“, his groundbreaking hit „Diamond Veins“ remixed with a romantic synthwave vibe by his best friend Kid Francescoli, the epic electronic powerpop of „The Year After“ and the long version of „Hometown“ with its overwhelming and building intro. After conquering the world, Simon Henner is now ready to embark you in his cosmic journey exploring new sonic galaxies.
FRENCH 79 - Memories & Tapes (Record Store Day 2024) - LP 27358 at BrokenSilence
LP 27358

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File underElectro Pop | House | Electronica | #Record Store Day 2024
Disks1 LP
1French 79Foix (A-Seite)
2French 79Graceful (Booka Shade Remix)
3French 79Freedom
4French 79Memories (Gui Boratto Remix)
5French 79Angel (B-Seite)
6French 79, Sarah RebeccaDiamonds Veins (Kid Francescoli Remix)
7French 79The Year After
8French 79Hometown (Long Edit)
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