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The Komiza Project Record Store Day 2024 Vinyl  

Exclusively for Record Store Day. Each limited edition record is presented in an individually hand numbered plain white sleeve and comes with a unique 6"x4" photograph taken from the film "Home". Musician and producer Gemma Cullingford presents "The Komiza Project" a 4 track 12" vinyl EP, the soundtrack to her debut film 'Home'; an evocative 25 minute short that through the use of period cine footage documents her parents journey through the 1970's and early 1980's. "The Komiza Project" comprises of compositions co-written with Liam Capper-Starr in 2012 that were never properly recorded or released… until now. Cullingford revisited these songs in 2023, and with the benefit of over 10 years hindsight and experience she has now produced them in the way in which they were intended to be when first written. She has taken a step back from the electronic dance floor fillers for which she is known in both her solo work and that of Sink Ya Teeth, and produced a melancholic collection of warm, deeply personal songs that still retain her recognisable gently sung and softly spoken vocal style. "Liam and I wrote these songs in the early 2010's at a time when I was feeling a little vulnerable after coming out of a relationship and moving into a little cottage on my own. We briefly formed a band and performed a few local gigs in Norwich. The songs reflected how I was feeling at the time and melancholic music poured out. Liam penned some lyrics based on his observations of my life and I think he beautifully put into words just what my music was trying to say". The EP opens with Early Hours, a synth-pop ballad inspired by the likes of Julee Cruise, St. Etienne and Beach House. A love song that captures the feelings of lust and wanting. Shimmering guitars and sweeping pads create a wall of sound on Hurry Home, which looks at the confusion of knowing you're in the wrong relationship but fearing the hurt of leaving when there is still love there. Side B opens with Ashes, a melancholic yet optimistic song which describes re-growth after loss, whilst Battle Sighs is about finding the strength to let go and stop fighting. The film 'Home' will be available to stream online later in 2024. SIDE A: 'Early Hours', 'Hurry Home' SIDE B: 'Ashes', 'Battle Sighs'
GEMMA CULLINGFORD - The Komiza Project (Record Store Day 2024) - LP 27463 at BrokenSilence
LP 27463

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