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New Fashion Way

A collection of 14 solid tunes, from legendary deejay toaster Joseph Cotton aka Jah Walton, who has had number one hits on the UK and Jamaican charts. Featuring a few combination tracks with the Tabby Mighty Diamonds, Pioneers legend George Dekker, Studio One legend Vin Gordon - Mr Real Rock. Some of the greatest reggae musicians on the riddim section; Sly Dunbar, Flabba Holt (Roots Radics), Vin Gordon, Horseman, Bongo Herman, Michael Megahbass Fletcher, to name a few. Recorded at Tuff Gong Jamaica, Ariwa, and Room In The Sky Studios.
JOSEPH COTTON - New Fashion Way - CD 27484 at BrokenSilence
CD 27484

Room In The Sky



File underReggae
Disks1 CD
Order from Originalproduct
1Blind Date
2Lightning & Thunder ft. R Z Jackson
3Me & Me Daughter ft. Tabby Mighty Diamonds
4Big Talk Drifter
5Ghetto Girl (Medley)
6St. Anne Collie ft. Vin Gordon
7Wisdom & Knowledge
8River Bank (Medley)
9New Fashion Way
10Ali Button (Medley) ft. George Dekker
11This Morning ft. Vin Gordon
12I Don't Know What To Do (Medley) ft. AJ Franklin
13Blood & Fire ft. Ferne Brooke
14Cool Runnings
Room In The Sky
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