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Live In Zürich And Bern 2023

Black Sea Dahu is thrilled to announce the release of their live album, a significant milestone in their musical journey, available August 16, 2024. Recorded during their winter 2023 performances in Zurich and Bern, this album features a stunning collaboration with the renowned string quartet Amour sur Mars. In this ensemble, they will perform this year at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Winterthurer Musikfestwochen, and OpenAir St. Gallen. Since 2017, Black Sea Dahu has been consistently on the road internationally, playing around 90 shows a year. These experiences have allowed them to refine and evolve their music through countless live performances. This live album is a testament to the countless stages they've graced and the myriad audiences they've connected with over the past seven years. We are immensely proud of this live album. It offers a raw and immersive experience that truly reflects the spirit of our live performances. Included are reimagined versions of our most cherished songs, enriched by the beautiful and intricate string arrangements of Amour sur Mars. The concerts in Zurich and Bern were particularly special, as they were the peak and also the most daunting task of our super long tour in fall 2023: seven weeks away from home, 35 concerts in a row. This release is not just a collection of live tracks but a reflection of our growth, encapsulating the passion and dedication that have defined Black Sea Dahu's path since 2017. It's a celebration of our journey as a band and a tribute to the incredible support from our fans who encourage us to continue traveling far and wide to share our music.
BLACK SEA DAHU - Live In Zürich And Bern 2023 - CD 28251 at BrokenSilence
CD 28251

Mouthwatering Records


Independent International

File underIndie-Folk | Urban-Folk
Release date2024-08-16
Disks1 CD
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LP 28252 Vinyl  
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1White Creatures
2Take Stock Of What I Have
4My Dear
5One and One Equals Four
8Mind Power
10I Am My Mother
11How You Swallowed Your Anger
12In Case I Fall for You
13Human Kind
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