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Hunki Bobo

Channeling influences from Kikagaku Moyo, The Meters, Khruangbin, Budos Band, W.I.T.C.H. and CAN, „Hunki Bobo“ crafts a musical tapestry that spans the spectrum from raw rock energy to the dreamy depths of psychedelia. Dive into the sonic realms of GOBLYNS!A psych groove instrumental trio you want to take home to meet your girlfriend’s dad. Treat yourself to a Goblyn-guided journey through timeand space with this Berlin/Amsterdam based marvel. While still all residing in the sleepy Eastern Cape of South Africa, Goblyns was a fever dream for the youngsters, only coming to life years later after Frank followed Liam and Gioto Europe. The new distance was nothing now compared to the drive to finally make music together, and after the first meet up they knew this was special.Written over various weekends during the next few months post „This is Spaghettification” and drawing influence from a wide-world of music, a clear vision came to the boys of where they were going to land this project. Drawing influence from a wide-world of music including Kikagaku Moyo, The Meters, Khruangbin, Budos Band, Surprise Chef and CAN, the fellasare always sharing new sounds and ideas. The excitement never dims and this shines through in their upcoming debut full length “Hunki Bobo”, hot on the of the success of last year’s EP. Now brimming with confidence and pride, the band has curated an ambitious selection of heated tracks to make up this iconic record.The 8-track album was recorded over a five day studio binge in sweltering July 2023, under theskilled direction of Andre Leo, known for his work with Medicine Boy and Wombed. The sessions took place at Junxt studios in Berlin, where the unique atmosphere undoubtedly contributed to the album's distinct sound. The artistic vision behind the album cover came to life through the creative prowess of Julia Schimautz, who meticulously designed all the captivating artwork.From the first single, Sakura, the hypnotic groove and maturity is undeniable. The whole journey is packed with a tight, powerful energy and delicious dynamics. Sakura flows directly into “Bobo” which feels a trademark of the Goblyns sound. A distortion-driven verse bashing you about only to be caught by its liquid chorus which exudes indisputable groove. Other stand-out tracks include *Muti”, a hip-shaker with a strong nod to zamrock’s raw fuzz guitars, and “Electric Shadow”, a Goblyn gift of gritty krautrock hypnosis encapsulated by a beautifully harmonious intro and outtro that brings the listener full circle.Scheduled for release in May 2024 under the banner of Crazysane Records, "Hunki Bobo" promises to be a landmark album, solidifying Goblyns’ position as a force to be reckoned within the contemporary music scene. Prepare to be enraptured by a musical experience that transcends boundaries and leaves an indelible mark on your soul.
GOBLYNS - Hunki Bobo - CD 30334 at BrokenSilence
CD 30334

Crazysane Records


Independent International

File underPsych-Surf-Instrumental-Rock
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LP 30335 Vinyl  
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3Great Hunger
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