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CATT is back bringing us a new album coming in spring 2023. It’s called “Change”. „I’ve found love and I’ve found heartbreak in an intensity I’ve never felt before. On a personal and on a collective level. I’ve found spirituality, deeper clarity, the need for making peace with our human form, our existence here, living on and with Earth. The music I wrote is reflecting on the whole spectrum of human feelings but in a much less complicated way than those first sentences would make one think: My songs on »Change« are the opposite of complicated - they are exactly what I needed in those complicated moments. They are meant to be a home in times of transformation. Islands of beauty and peace. I want them to be companions on your side while you might be going through chaos & change, too. An encouragement for you to find the way back to yourself over and over again. We need these spaces of safety and ease. And: Fun and joy!” CATTs debut album “Why, Why” was released in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and already was a strong statement, a self produced showcase of CATTs massive skills as a songwriter, singer and musician that found its way into many ears and hearts. Now ”Change” shows a grown artist that boldly explores new territories. The album itself changes its shape constantly and literally dances over genre borders and shifts effortlessly from uplifting Indie Pop to intimate Folk to Alt Country and organic piano ballads. Still the substance of everything: This extraordinary voice, the skills as a pianist, the warm brass, the great songwriting, the deep storytelling. But the album also introduces new elements: The guitar as the latest addition to the huge collection of instruments that CATT is able to play. A new open mindedness in sound and what a CATT song can be. For the first time she chose to collaborate. And all those decisions added a lot to the album: An incredible energy and broadness in sound, a magical deepness. Together with guitarist Felix Anton Remm CATT spent a Berlin winter to shape the songs and together with co-producer Aaron Ahrends (u.a. Von Wegen Lisbeth, Say Yes Dog) and her marvelous band she spent a Berlin spring to bring the songs into form. „Until now I thought of my music as something so close to me that I first wanted to find my vision before bringing conversation and the energy of others into it. Now I felt ready because I got to know and trust the musical family surrounding me. After coming back from some time in solitude in a little house, I came back with demos and I was ready to open up the process. I love the deep feeling and unbelievably beautiful taste Felix brings in and I love the clarity and brilliance that Aaron brings. The three of us were like three pillars - each holding one specific key to the whole creation.“ Thinking about what music can contribute to this wounded world, what music can change: Outstanding songs like the pieces of this album proof that music is able to change things. In the heads, hearts and bodies of the listeners. Songs that are treasure chests, written to be an encouragement, a lighthouse in the dark, a companion for constant change, a place to feel at home.
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