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Tarâpzâde" is the name of the debut album by the Berliner-by-choice Tayfun Guttstadt, which negotiates the relationship between tradition and the present with 11 tracks. The compositions combine hip-hop and trap with oriental classical music and centuries-old poems. Music for a new generation. From Berlin, for the world. At the age of 13, the son of German-Turkish parents, who grew up in Hamburg's Schanzenviertel, started playing the guitar and was soon enraptured by the world of sounds. Due to the Hamburg school, hip hop was always a part of his attitude to life and has remained so to this day. In his late teens, Tayfun Guttstadt became increasingly involved with the music of Turkey and the Middle East and moved to his father's home country - Turkey - for a year after graduating from high school. There he acquired his first classical long flute "Ney" and travelled around in search of masters of traditional music styles. These experiences still shape Tayfun today and also have a huge influence on the lyrics of the upcoming album. After studying music and Islamic studies in Hamburg, he decided to move to Antalya, where he regularly performed on stage with various singers and increasingly used his voice in Turkish, Spanish and English. During these years, he also worked intensively on jazz harmonies and arrangements until he returned to Germany in 2016 and moved to Berlin, where he quickly became part of the international cultural scene. The title of Guttstadt's new album "Tarâpzâde" refers not only to the musical genre of trap, but also to "Tarâb", a classical form of Arabic music and Zâde, which means to be influenced by something. Tayfun is a master of two worlds: His heart beats for both driving 808s and Middle Eastern tradition. His music pays due respect to both universes and creates a sound that has never been heard before. Beats and arrangements produced with sensitivity harmonise in unexpected ways with oriental melodies, extended instrumental parts and rap.
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