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Árnyék - Shadow

Meszecsinka (pronounce: “Mesetchinka”) is one of the 12 best Hungarian world music bands according to the WOMEX edition of Dal+Szerz? magazine. The band’s name means „Little Moon” in Bulgarian. It was formed in 2009 by AnnamariOláh (voice, saz) and Emil Biljarszki (keyboards, guitar). Meszecsinka tours frequently all-around Europe. They visited the USA and Canada, recorded video on the Red Square in Moscow and a Balkan road movie. Their art video “Kinyílok (I open up) reached the sixth place on the video chart of World Music Network (UK) and fRoots Magazine (UK). The breakthrough to the larger stages was brought by “Awake in a dream” (2016), supported by the Armenian-Russian guitarist and producer Karen Arutyunyan. It was called “genius” by the Hungarian magazine HVG and “Maybe the best world music album of this year” by Magyar Narancs. Meszecsinka goes deeper and higher into their unique magical world in this album. The album won the Fonogram Music Award (the Hungarian Grammy) for the best world music album of the year. The Songlines Magazine says about it
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CD 40714
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