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Second Term

The band Kennedy Administration presents its new album "Second Term". With powerful, funky basslines and rhythmic beats, a varied soundscape unfolds that sometimes plays with ringing trumpets and sometimes with melancholic keyboard sounds. Above it all, Kennedy's symphonic, crystal-clear voice rises and gives the album a unique presence. "Second Term" is an eclectic palette of sounds and emotions that inspires. For her second album, singer Kennedy and keyboardist, composer, producer and musical director Ondre J Pivec have come together to create a musical masterpiece. The charismatic country soul diva grew up singing in church before following the path of renowned musicians* such as Ella Fitzgerald, Anita Baker and Prince. Czech artist Ondre J Pivec is one of the most renowned keyboardists of his generation and a member of Grammy Award winner Gregory Porter's touring band. The different musical backgrounds of the two musicians have audibly influenced "Second Tem". Together with talented artists* like Chelton Grey (electric bass), Nathaniel Townsley (drums), Keyon Harrold, Josh Evans (trumpet), guitarist Dan Muniz as well as rapper Peter Gunz, Kennedy Administration's second album features a real star-studded line-up that propels "Second Term" to new heights. Through the interplay of different genres, Kennedy Administration have conjured up an extraordinary mix of funk, rock, soul and love for music that makes "Second Term" uniquely multi-faceted and harmonious at the same time. Kennedy adds: "Our energy when we're together is just blasting! And from the first album to now, we've matured and grown so much. And I think you can hear that in the new music."
KENNEDY ADMINISTRATION - Second Term - CD 77127 at BrokenSilence
CD 77127
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